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What was the Jubilee?

The events that led to the makeshift protest in front of St. Victor's hospital (note St. Victor's is not the original name of the hospital) in Portland, Oregon, Fall/Winter 1999, were extraordinary. The fact is, we had no idea Jeremy and his message would gain such a following (A following that is continuing to grow.) The original protest started as a result of the mistreatment of Jeremy. Because of this website, word got out and slowly people began to show up curious about Jeremy, his message, and why he was being held against his will. The types of individuals who arrived in Portland for the protest (bohemians and such) allowed for the event to take on a festive atmosphere becoming a New Year's festival for the millenium. Thus, the gathering was titled, "JEREMY'S JUBILEE." The Jubilee was a place were people shared their own struggles. It became clear early that nearly everyone knew of somebody who suffered with mental illness, addiction, or the like. People discussed Jeremy, and his "Must Says." We analyzed Jeremy's words and fought on his behalf.

What is the Jubilee, now?

The Jubilee now stands as a relic to document the past and praise the present. This section is meant to celebrate the arts and the vision that Jeremy shared.

Explore the Jubilee

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Call for the Arts

In an effort to keep with the tradition of expression that Jeremy fostered we want to invite poets and artists to contribute their creations.

Please contact us if you'd like to participate.


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